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I have been married for close to six years, to a loving and supportive husband and we have two bright and beautiful little girls under the age of 4 who ensure there’s never a dull moment in our home.

I have an associate’s degree in science and have always been fascinated with human health, thus have pursued careers in the health industry. I learned about Caring Voice Coalition (CVC) in 2009 through a former manager. She called me multiple times over three months, telling me to come work for CVC. Her persistence paid off. After doing some research and seeing that CVC had been assisting patients with chronic diseases since 2003, I decided to make the move. I’ve been working here now for over seven years.

I currently work as a case manager to help provide financial assistance to patients. My day-to-day work consists of making sure proper documentation is present in each patient account. Whether it be reaching out to a doctor’s office, seeing to it that proper grants are provided or making patients aware of what to expect within the grant process, CVC trains us to do our best to give each patient the best customer service experience possible. Having a bilingual background also allows me to assist our Spanish community in understanding how we are able to provide them with much needed financial assistance related to our supported diseases.

I have the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals within CVC. Everyone comes to work with a smile on their face ready to serve and make a difference in people’s lives. This truly has been a rewarding career, knowing that in a small way I’m able to serve communities in need. The icing on the cake is speaking with patients and at times hearing a bit about their story. The passion that some of our patients have shared with me has been inspiring. Hearing their stories of struggle and victory allows me to see that courage comes in all different shapes and sizes. Over the years I’ve seen the power of attitude. I’ve noticed that a positive attitude, having a sense of humor and rolling with the punches can truly make an impact on your health.

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Among many beautiful moments that I’ve experienced serving our patients, I have one that stands out. In conversations with a patient who was prescribed multiple pulmonary hypertension (PH) medications, she mentioned her love of swimming. But the machine required to infuse one medication was not waterproof and prevented her from swimming. I could hear in her tone that she was not ready to give up on her passion. With a positive attitude and willingness to advocate for herself, she maintained an open dialogue with her physician. A few months passed and then I got a call. She said that thanks to advancements in PH medications coupled with the hard work she put into keeping a healthy diet and exercise routine, she no longer needs to be on the infused medication and has been prescribed a new oral medication. Her persistence and positive mental attitude paid off and she is able to swim again.

To our patients I’d like to say: Keep on fighting. You never know how your story will impact a person. Someone is always listening and everyone has the power to influence those around them. Choose to be a positive role model—you just might fill a person with purpose, equip them with courage or change their life. Your story matters!

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