Three ways to support someone with HD

huntingtons disease awareness ribbon

To help you take part in Huntington’s Disease (HD) Awareness Month in May—and all year long—we’ve compiled some ways to support HD awareness and those who have HD.

Keep growing your friendship.

Let any people in your life impacted by HD know a diagnosis doesn’t change your love for them by continuing to show up in the ways you always do—or even more!

Need some ideas?

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Educate yourself.

One difficult thing about any chronic illness but especially HD is facing misperceptions about some of the disease’s visible symptoms. By understanding as much as you can about the disease, you can avoid being accidentally hurtful.

Learning more about HD goes a long way in showing your friend how much you care.

Here are some places to start:


girl on her phoneSpread the word.

Share the burden your friend and the HD community may feel to raise awareness or funds for HD. offers lots of opportunities to spread awareness, especially related to research fundraising and advocacy.

If you’d like more ideas on how to support someone with HD, try the family and friends support community, HD Lighthouse Families.


More on HD:

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