Resources for traveling with chronic illness

traveling with chronic illness

If you have a chronic illness, many resources exist to help prepare you for any travel you might do. Whether it’s a vacation or a trip to access better treatment, we’ve gathered some strategies, advice and guides to help you.


Accessible travel: Travel therapy

Barrier-free travel options have grown dramatically over the last two decades. Hear from experts in the travel industry about considerations you might not know about for improving your experience seeking accessible accommodations.

Included: A city guide to Washington, D.C.


Traveling for treatment

A network of nonprofit hospital houses, respite houses, and transportation providers exists to ease the financial and emotional burdens of many patients and families in need of a place to stay while traveling for treatment. Their services are available at little or no cost. This profile of three of them includes a partial directory for lodging options across the country.


Chronic illness around the holidays

Participating in times of togetherness and celebration is bound to impact your health. While this blog post is geared toward the winter holidays, the strategies apply to the Fourth of July, Labor Day and any family gathering.


Traveling with chronic illness: Q&A

A consultant to the CDC and a gastroenterologist specializing in gastroenterology and tropical medicine, Dr. Bradley A. Connor has been counseling travelers for more than 30 years. We asked him for tips on traveling with chronic illness and he covered topics like crossing borders with medication, travel insurance, carrying oxygen, cruises and conquering fears.


Sleep and travel with chronic illness

Chronic conditions can amplify sleep-related travel annoyances. We’ve gathered some research and strategies for sleep and travel with chronic illness.


Medication safety and travel

With chronic illness, even one missed dose of medication can throw off your day. Dr. Robert Mayfield put together some ways to ensure you stay on track with medication while traveling.


Legal rights on the open roads

Don’t forget that you have rights when you travel. An attorney explains the rights of travelers with special needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


How to be prepared for emergencies

This brief article compiles quick tips for preparing for a variety of other potential emergency situations. The ideas can be useful to think through before embarking on a journey in case the worst should happen.


With these resources in hand, you are ready to book your next trip. Bon voyage!

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