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Everybody can benefit from finding more ways to fit fitness in the day. Recent research has demonstrated how incorporating regular movement in your life contributes to wellbeing. In fact, simply avoiding long periods without moving may be just as beneficial or better than daily low-intensity exercise in an otherwise sedentary day.

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We’ve outlined what a day with more movement could look like, inspired by the fitness edition of Community magazine. The ideas won’t all work for everyone, but they might help you imagine where you can fit fitness into your own life.

Waking up: Lying in bed, stretch your arms out to the sides. Pull one knee into your chest, then the other. Maybe raise each foot up. Gently twist your torso.

(Bonus: Check out these benefits of stretching in the morning and some routines to follow.)

Brushing your teeth: Standing on one foot then the other helps work on balance. If you stay seated, roll your ankles as you sit. Flex your feet.

fit fitness in the breakfast tableEating breakfast: Place your food and beverages on the table and sit up straight at the table to eat them without distractions. Trying to eat in front of a phone, computer or TV makes digestion and mindful eating harder. Sitting will help you maintain core-strengthening posture.

Working at a desk: 86 percent of American workers sit most of the day. During a long sitting stretch:

lunch break on a benchLunch/Breaks: Sit outside when the weather permits. Take a little walk after you eat. Wash your dishes immediately. Take a picture of the sky. Use any break times to stand, stretch, walk, plank, etc.

Cooking: Many wonderful modern conveniences take away small daily movements. Find ways to work them back into your routine, maybe one at a time. For example, use the stove to reheat foods instead of the microwave. You’ll be more compelled to stand nearby and stir. Stir with a spoon (and your own muscles) when possible, instead of a mixer. Also chop your own veggies or spices in place of gadgets or buying pre-chopped. Do dishes by hand as you wait for things to cook. Play music and sing along.

If it’s a low energy day, simply sit up straight and breathe mindfully. Breath is a powerful tool for health.


Watching television: Fold your laundry. Get up during commercials—even just for water, or the bathroom. Give someone a shoulder massage, or play with your pet.


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