Commitment to compliance

At Caring Voice Coalition (CVC), we understand that a strong commitment to compliance and ethics is the foundation of a successful business model and therefore our Board of Directors has formally approved the Caring Voice Coalition Compliance Program. This program is designed to monitor and enforce CVC’s compliance and ethics commitments to ensure we meet the requirements of all applicable law and regulations as well as ensuring accountability to our program participants and their families, CVC employees and Board of Directors, and donors. Our compliance and ethics program is designed to ensure that every business decision is guided by our commitment to operate within the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, integrity and competence. CVC is committed to ensuring that the principles of good corporate conduct and integrity are embedded in all of our activities and services.

In support of this commitment we now provide annual compliance training to all our employees. The compliance training has been designed to ensure that every employee understands their role in our commitment to compliance and ethics. This training is just one critical element of our comprehensive compliance program, others include:

  • Acting with honesty, integrity and objectivity, and in a manner that will merit the continued trust and confidence of patients and stakeholders;
  • Operating independently, free from the influence of others;
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices, and welcoming honest and constructive feedback;
  • Being vigilant in the detection and prevention of potential fraud, waste or abuse; and,
  • Promoting ethical behavior in the provision of services for or on behalf of CVC.

CVC is committed to providing patients and their families much needed access to services, educational resources, treatments and therapies critical in their fight against chronic, debilitating or life-threatening diseases. Therefore we are committed to doing the right things, big and small, every day.

Compliance Documents

Compliance Program (adopted July 2017)

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