Disability assistance

Program is at capacity: Currently, we are not accepting new clients. We can still act as an educational and referral resource, but will not be able to act as your representative while at capacity.

CVC’s disability program offers direct assistance and resource support to patients and caregivers navigating the complex process of applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Click the links below to take you to the section of your choice.

Our team includes a licensed disability attorney and a group of specially trained advocates. Current team members:

Allison Bartlett, Esq.







And advocates:

  • Rhaisa Lopez
  • L. Dani McGaha

Our aim is to secure the fastest approval of financial benefits, including any back pay the client may be entitled to, with as little stress as possible for the client. Beyond the financial scope of a disability approval, we aim to support the client in every aspect of their disability claim.

CVC advocates ensure their clients understand the entire disability process, including insurance benefits provided with disability approval, opportunities and guidelines surrounding any future return to work, and information for representative payee or organizational payee requirements.


There is no fee to use CVC’s disability services and our attorney does not accept a portion of approved clients’ financial awards. We understand our clients did not choose to live with a disabling condition and would work if they could. Advocating for clients to receive the benefits they are entitled to and providing education to our clients and their caregivers is our passion, and we are fiercely dedicated to supporting individuals and families through this burdensome process.


To be eligible for assistance, you must be a U.S. resident diagnosed with one of these diseases:

  • Huntington’s disease
  • Narcolepsy
  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Pulmonary hypertension

Once the team assesses client eligibility for SSI and/or SSDI benefits, they work directly with the client’s treating providers to gather medical records and physician statements to support the disability claim. Upon receipt of the needed medical evidence, CVC advocates submit the application on behalf of the client (if permitted*) directly to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Throughout the process, our team will help our clients and their caregivers understand and complete any forms received by SSA and provide updates at each stage of the application process. Our advocates follow up regularly with SSA to determine the ongoing status of our clients’ cases and ensure claims are processed effectively.

As a result of CVC’s in-depth knowledge of SSA’s claims assessment process, as well as of the diagnoses supported under our disability program, our disability team is able to identify any opportunities for expedited review and build the strongest arguments to support a client’s disability claim.

*CVC is not able to directly submit initial applications for SSI-only benefits because online completion is permitted in limited circumstances. Clients must complete initial applications for SSI-only claims in person or by phone directly with their local SSA office. CVC can offer informational support and resources to assist with this stage of the SSI benefits process.

If a client is denied, CVC might be able to assist with the appeals process:

  • If a client’s claim continues to either of the appeal stages known as “Reconsideration” or “Administrative Law Judge Hearing,” CVC will complete and submit the appeal application along with a persuasive brief arguing the client’s case, in addition to ensuring the case is up to date throughout the appeals process.
  • If the case does proceed to an Administrative Law Judge hearing, our attorney will work with the client one-on-one to prepare them for their testimony and ensure they are as comfortable as possible at the hearing.
  • While we can assist with medical denials, we cannot assist with technical denials, Appeals Council or federal district court cases.

Once you have been approved for disability, your case will likely be reviewed, this process is known as “Continuing Disability Review.” Reviews occur anywhere from 18 months to seven years after you have been approved for disability, depending on your condition. If Social Security finds that you are no longer disabled, CVC can assist with the process and help get benefits reinstated.

Useful links:

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  • Disability Booklet (coming soon!)
  • Wellness Journal Pages (coming soon!)

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