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Happy Thanksgiving—join us Tuesday

Earlier this month at Caring Voice Coalition, we wheeled our desk chairs up to office tables we’d pushed together and sat down to share our best Thanksgiving dishes. We took time to express our gratitude for those things we hold dear, among them: loved ones, the beauty around us, and the many blessings in our own lives.

CVC President and CEO Greg Smiley

Many shared their gratitude for CVC. Some were thankful to be surrounded by passionate, caring people. Others said how much they appreciate doing something meaningful every day. But a common thread in each expression of thanks was the significant impact of the community we meet each day on the phone.

Talking to people who remain positive, kind or hopeful in the face of hardship shows us what resilience looks like. Talking to people with the courage to share their fear and vulnerabilities shows us what it means to be human.

As CVC Case Manager Nellie Capehart wrote for Community magazine this year:

This truly has been a rewarding career, knowing that in a small way I’m able to serve communities in need. The passion that some of our patients have shared with me has been inspiring. Hearing their stories of struggle and victory allows me to see that courage comes in all different shapes and sizes.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to direct such a wonderful team that serves this resilient community. I’m glad to ease some of the hardship and fear people face as they navigate life-threatening illness. But I know there’s so much more that still needs to be done.

With more support, we can help more people. People are depending on Caring Voice Coalition. It doesn’t take much to change someone’s life.

You can help by donating today.

You can also take part in our #GivingTuesday campaign. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that falls on Nov. 28, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and uses the power of social media to spread awareness and inspire action that contributes to positive change.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and share the special stories we’ll be posting. These stories are a way for us to connect you with some of the wonderful people that touch our lives each day.

The holiday season offers many chances to commune with family and friends, but it has its stresses and pressures too. The close to a year brings open enrollment and with it hard decisions about ensuring adequate and affordable coverage. The uncertainty of whether you can even get assistance from us or other charities at all leads to monstrous anxiety, and it’s terribly hard to prepare under so many things unknown.

We hear it; we feel it. We are doing as much as we can to help as many as we can. Thank you for your grace in these moments.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish each of you—our supporters, community members, friends new and old—warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holidays.

—Greg Smiley, President and CEO, Caring Voice Coalition

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