Our impact

Caring Voice Coalition’s impact can be seen in the success of our outreach programs that support and improve the lives of people with chronic illness.

Here are a few highlights from our work:

Over 100,000 patients served

Caring Voice Coalition founded in 2003 to support people struggling with difficult health diagnoses. We have since helped more than 100,000 people in the U.S. access care and treatment.

20 seconds average wait time

Based on 2016 call statistics, the average time between when a person called Caring Voice Coalition and when they were speaking with someone who could help them was 20 seconds.

80.2% approval rating

In 2016, Caring Voice Coalition represented 257 people applying for Social Security Disability Insurance at the initial level. With the help of CVC’s disability team, 206 of them—80.2 percent—were approved for SSDI benefits.

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