About Us

Caring Voice is one of the industry’s top providers of independent product reviews that help consumers and professionals identify the best health supplements and nutritional products. More importantly, our reviews help you identify the products that are out to make a quick buck. In other words, a rip-off.

While analyzing supplements, we scrutinize the full body of evidence before making a recommendation. We are an educational organization and our onus is to offer you evidence summaries with complete references on a wide range of topics in the health and fitness space.

Taking an evidence-based approach to the doubts that our readers have, allows us to present an objective view point. The idea is to not tell you which supplement to use. Instead, we just want to present what the evidence or the lack of it says. We make it a point to link to verified, peer-reviewed studies where applicable. In case the research is inconclusive, we will point that out too.

Caring Voice is an independent organization that does not accept funding from any health supplement or nutritional product company. None of the members of our research team do the same.

What type of products do we review?

Caring Voice’s team reviews a wide range of nutritional products and health supplements. Some of these are

  • Herbal Extracts
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Amino acids
  • Fitness Products
  • Post-workout and pre-workout supplements
  • Functional Foods

We are constantly expanding our range and as our team’s core capabilities increase, we expect to include medical products as well to our repertoire.

Why Caring Voice was founded?

Caring Voice was founded due to a glaring problem that the internet faces today. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wishes to address. The free reign that the FDA offers to health supplement companies. The industry is widely unregulated. To make things even more challenging, nutrition is a dynamic and constantly updating field.

It is crucial that independent organizations come forward to help separate the chaff from the wheat. That’s where we step in. We ensure that we do not cherry pick studies and do not indulge in sensationalism. Both of these are problems that currently plague most websites claiming to offer similar services.

As a consumer, how do you know which website to trust? Who’s presenting an objective, unbiased view?

Caring Voice decided to solve this by creating a transparent system where facts supersede headlines. You will never find sensational headlines and exaggerated claims on our website. Instead, we will show you the most updated evidence on a particular topic. If evidence is outdated, our team will try its best to update it frequently. If we make mistakes (which we humbly accept), then we make it a point to post that too.

How does Caring voice review products?

We review health supplements on a wide range of parameters that are identified by our team of researchers. Here are a few of them.


Does the product make exaggerated claims? For instance, ‘Lose 20 lb. of fat in 4-weeks’ and so on.


Is the product quality on par with what’s claimed on the label? Where is it manufactured? Do they offer third party audits? Are the products clean and contamination free?

Strength (POTENCY)

Are the ingredients in the exact concentrations as mentioned on the label? Do they table dress?

Every product that we review must meet this quality criteria. Once we test a product and approve it, its rating remains unchanged for 12-months. After this, the same product will be tested again for the same criteria. To keep things fair, we buy our supplements from the open market.

What are the standards we look for?

The FDA uses GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices as a yardstick to gauge the quality of health supplements. However, the caveat is that this allows each manufacturer to determine and decide their own quality standards. They can even describe their own analytical processes that they may use to come to a conclusion about the product quality.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers use this potential loophole to set the bar very low. They use less than ideal test methods, which unfortunately makes a subpar product appear to be on par with a higher quality one. We don’t think that any consumer in the world should have to risk their health by using a poor quality product, ever. So, we use the latest industry recommendations while deciding on the standards.

Why can you trust Caring Voice?

Let’s face it. The health supplement industry is an unscrupulous one. Why would you trust any website, for that matter us, when it comes to matters pertaining to your health?

That’s precisely why we do not want you to trust us straight away. We believe that Trust comes automatically with transparent and objective reporting. We ensure that we present facts, we reference any scientific information and we do not cherry pick our citations, like most people seem to do on the internet.

Our content goes through multiple layers of screening and if you take a look, we do not over interpret a single study to back up our point of view. It’s as objective as it can be.

One reason why we are able to do this is because of independence. We are not associated with any supplement companies. We are not funded by them. Instead, we are fascinated by science and spend hours researching about a new breakthrough ingredient, or a new spectrometry analysis. That’s what fuels our team. No one at Caring Voice is a health guru. We are normal people like you who wish to show you the most transparent information.

Don’t Trust us yet?

We would like to wrap this up by saying this. Don’t trust us yet. Instead, trust us only if you find our articles and our presentations helpful. You will find that our website has over 20000 words. Of these, there must be at least 2000 unique references. If we are making a science based claim, you can be rest assured that it is cited with the most updated information.

At caring voice, we let our work speak for itself. Check our privacy policy page for the latest updates.