Decision 2018 Financial Assistance (Latest Update)

Caring Voice has always been an independently funded organization with no affiliation or commercial backing by companies in the health and fitness space. Although, we have been approached a billion times probably.

But we chose against it because we didn’t want our objectivity to be clouded or even a tiny fragment of bias to enter our recommendations. That’s why we have constantly refused financial assistance.

That segues into the question, how are we funded then?

Here’s how.

How do we get financial assistance?

Believe it or not, we do this voluntarily. We are a small group of extremely passionate people who like to dig our noses deep into health research and debate amongst ourselves about it. We scrutinize every clinical study and dissect the information in it to the best of our ability.

As a result, all that you see on the website are facts and stats. There is no ‘Buy This Supplement’, even for some of the most aggressively marketed ones. In fact, you might have noticed that we frequently help you separate fact from fiction.

That said, we all have lives. We have priorities. We have jobs. We have families. As of now, we contribute to the Caring voice in whatever way we can. Sometimes, at the cost of things that are dear to us. Such as a few precious hours spent with the family.

To that end, we accept donations from our readers. It helps us keep the power on. It helps us spend more time writing quality recommendations and presenting them to you.

How you can provide financial assistance to Caring Voice?

As of now, we have temporarily stopped accepting donations given the tailspin that the world is experiencing. However, when we start to accept donations again, they will be updated on our website. If you wish to make a tiny contribution to our efforts, please subscribe to our mailing list.

We will send you a humble reminder about it. No matter how small, everything is a welcome contribution mind you.

Do we provide financial assistance?

There’s another email that we frequently receive from our readers. It is to enquire whether we provide financial aid to organizations or individuals in need. Well, it is something that the Caring Voice used to do, at one point in time. We had numerous philanthropic initiatives and funding for disease research as well as individuals on a case basis, was something we did.

In fact, Caring Voice’s disease fund has helped thousands of people with chronic illnesses tide through some of the most difficult phases of their lives. But, we recently had a setback and after that, our board met to evaluate all possible avenues by which we could acquire funding and continue to offer it for chronic illness patients.

But unfortunately, we have been unable to come up with a sustainable funding model. As we explained at the onset, we are not funded by commercial entities and we refuse to accept any sort of monetary compensation for our work.

Hence, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Caring Voice will no longer be offering financial assistance for any disease fund in 2021.

Will the financial assistance fund be resumed in the future?

We do not have a distinctive time frame when we shall be able to resume our financial aid programs again. In the current circumstances, we don’t see it happening in the near future though. Just like donations, we will post an update on this page if and when that does happen.

If you would like to be informed about it in advance, the best choice is to subscribe to our newsletter. We will send you a reminder about the same. However, our funds are generally limited and are exhausted in a short time.

Also, these are selected on a first come basis. So, if you are aware of someone who’s in need, do sign up for the mailing list. If we do start financial assistance, it will be post 2024.

To sum up our thoughts

At Caring Voice, we are extremely grateful to have been blessed enough to touch the lives of thousands of souls who were battling some of the most debilitating conditions known to man. It was one of the most amazing phases of our lives while it lasted.

Be rest assured that we remain committed to improving the lives of people around us through our work. Our Charitable endeavors have had to take a backseat for now. But we are constantly considering new ways in which we can resume and continue our mission.

Meanwhile, we request you and urge you to explore other avenues and resources for patient assistance. Check out our helpful resources page if you are just starting off. We have listed some of the best options you have at the moment. It is not an exhaustive list. But if you are at a difficult crossroads in life, it will point you towards a possible helpful direction.

Best Regards,

Team Caring Voice